Bathrooms and Kitchens

Do you have a bathroom, laundry or kitchen that needs a face lift? Whether you need to just change one tap or a toilet or vanity to the extreme of a full renovation Francis Plumbing have you covered. There is no need to organize all the various tradesmen on your own and then on top of that go to various stores to purchase your supplies. We can help you with it all, taking the stress out of any renovation.

Our team of multi skilled tradesmen can assist with the plumbing, carpentry, tiling, plastering, painting and more. We can also arrange the electrical. There really isn’t much that we can’t do. And then there’s the stress of going from shop to shop to select your fixtures. We have that covered also. Come into our retail showroom and browse our selection of kitchen appliances, vanity’s, basin’s, troughs, sinks, baths, bathroom and kitchen tapware, shower rails, bathroom accessories, toilets and more.

We can provide you with a complete quote that includes the lot! We like to pride ourselves on being a one stop shop!