Space Heating & Wall Furnaces

Space heating or wall furnaces are gas-flued heaters that provide instant heating to one room with the option of adding a rear register to wall furnace heaters to heat the adjoining room.

Space heaters work by passing cold air over a heat exchanger, which is warmed by gas combustion. This warmed air is then pushed out into the room through a vent. A thermostat installed inside the heater senses the air temperature inside the room and sends a signal to the heater to turn on, off, up or down. A fan extracts all combustion gases that pass through the heat exchanger and expels them via the flue, ensuring fewer pollutants remain in the air.

Available is various makes and models and available in both natural gas and LPG they have it all covered. We can provide a free installation quote and offer the sale of your new gas space heater or gas wall furnace heater through to the installation and repairs and servicing on your existing.