Gas Lines & Leaks

Francis Plumbing regularly installs or repairs gas lines. With gas lines, there’s no room for error. We follow all safety the rules and regulations in order to ensure that your gas lines are properly fitted. There can’t be any leaks or any potential hazards in the way that could cause you or your property harm.

What are some reasons you should have you gas line professionally inspected? Most importantly, it’s a safety issue. Gas normally won’t cause a problem, but, if for some reason there’s a leak in the line, the gas gets out of the line and lingers in one spot. Should someone light a match and toss it nearby, the gas could easily ignite and explode. Too many people have died from gas explosions– they’re horrific.

Another reason to get your gas line inspected is because you don’t want to be breathing in gas fumes, which could end up sending you to the hospital, making you very sick. While gas leaks can typically be detected by smelling the bad odor added to the gas so you know there’s a leak, what if you’re congested and can’t smell it? Gas has its place in the home, and in your lungs is not its place! You could literally die from gas inhalation.

Finally, you should have your gas line inspected if you’ve noticed your bill is higher than normal– that could indicate there’s a leak that needs proper attention before things get out of hand. It’s much better to catch a little leak quickly. Ideally, you should have your gas line(s) inspected at least once a year to make sure everything is operating as it should.

In the case where gas can be smelt turn off your gas from the meter and call our experienced team to receive prompt service.