Water Pipe Replacement

Long ago galvanized pipes were the most commonly used material for water supply lines. These specific pipes were covered with a zinc protective coating which serves to reduce the pipe’s propensity to decompose or rust as well as extending the lifeline of the piping system. Unfortunately, however, time has indicated that galvanized pipes and water do not mix well, a clear problem for a water supply line.

The combination of water and galvanizing material creates scale, which eventually reduces water pressure little by little until the pipe is completely clogged up.

There are many advantages to replacing galvanized water pipes. The following are the greatest benefits of galvanized water pipe replacement:

  • Better water flow
  • Elimination of bacteria that was formed
  • Improved taste of water
  • Elimination foul smells linked to clogged pipes
  • Increase in property value
  • Decrease of insurance costs
  • Comfort in knowing that your water supply line is functioning at an optimal level

Whether you have a leaking pipe, poor water pressure or discoloured water our team can solve your issues.