Sky Lights

Skylights can be a wonderful feature in most homes. They bring additional natural light into your environment, making rooms feel more spacious, expansive and inviting. In addition, this increased natural light can also help decrease your energy costs.

As with just about any feature of your home, proper skylight installation, regular maintenance and repairs done the right way are all equally important in extending the life of your skylights.

  • Cleaning: Like any window surface, your skylights will occasionally need to be cleaned.
  • Leak Check: Leaks are the most common skylight maintenance and repair issue. Check the drywall around the skylight for any evidence of leaks, including staining or bulging. The majority of skylight-related leaks are caused by a problem with the flashing. This is a repair best left to a professional roofing contractor.
  • Glass check:
  • Debris Check:
  • Skylights can crack or break from the impact of falling branches, windblown debris, or other accidents. If you notice any cracks, this is another repair best left to an experienced roofing contractor.
  • Leaves and other debris should be removed from the flashing around the window once per year to allow rainwater to flow freely.

Call our team to book in your skylight health check. We can also repair any leaking sky light or supply and install new skylights to help brighten up those darker rooms.