Hot Water

Francis Plumbing not only service, repair and install all your home appliances such as hot water systems, heaters, air conditions, cooktops, ovens, dishwashers, rangehoods, portable B.B.Q’s and more. They also have a retail showroom where you can come in a browse a wide selection of home appliances and have a chat with one of their friendly trained staff to ensure you purchase the right appliance for your needs.

Hot Water Systems

Services we have to offer:

  • Hot water service repairs
  • Hot water service diagnostics
  • Hot water service maintenance/servicing
  • Hot water service supply and installs
  • Hot water service gas safety and Co testing


A gas storage hot water system works by cold water from the main water supply being pumped into the bottom of an insulated storage tank where it is heated by a gas burner located at the base of the hot water system.


Instantaneous hot water systems are an alternative to the traditional hot water tanks. With an instant system, you get a continuous flow of hot water for as long as you need it. The system promotes energy efficiency as power is not used to heat storage water and maintain it at a constant temperature.


Water heating systems need to be maintained to avoid costly repairs, just like any other system or appliance in a home. Without regular hot water maintenance, the integrity of the entire system is in jeopardy and you’ll likely require expensive repairs. This can result in:

  • Hot water tank leaks
  • Hot water unit failure

In addition to timely repairs, it’s important to follow a regular hot water maintenance schedule. For hot water units, it’s recommended to schedule and perform hot water system maintenance every five years. This will maintain the maximum efficiency and safety of the entire system.